Sites - Rockingham & Freo

Grass trees, zamia palms and other native plants supplied by are salvaged from development sites where land is being cleared to make way for new homes, industry, schools etc.

You can purchase bagged grass trees from our Retail Outlet and Cultural Centre in Wray Avenue Fremantle OR directly from where we salvage grass trees in Rockingham.


After signing in, a representative will walk you over the salvage site to help you select your tree(s). We then excavate them from the ground and load onto your trailer. Alternatively the trees are tagged for future delivery to your home.


PLEASE NOTE   Salvage sites are bush sites and you will need to walk in the bush to select your grass tree(s). We recommend appropriate footwear and sun/rain protection.




On Alumina Road (off Patterson Road)

Opening hours SATURDAY from 8 am to 12 noon.



Retail Nursery HQ 

96 Wray Avenue Fremantle

(Open Wednesday to Sunday 10 am to 4pm)

We have created a beautiful Grass Tree Garden Nursery at 96 Wray Ave Fremantle.  Worth a visit just to have a look at these magnificent bagged trees.  They are all in need of homes so talk to our sales staff about how you might adopt one or two.

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Closed this weekend in RockinghamAugust 23, 2019

We are closed this Saturday  24 August at our Rockingham site.  If you do want to visit our...... Read More