Grass Tree Warranty

The 12 month warranty is only extended to customers who purchase and use as directed the Transplant Formula. Grass trees supplied without Transplant Formula will not receive a warranty.

Grass trees supplied, delivered or installed by replants are warranted for a period of 12 months from the time of purchase for a. will replace grass trees which have not survived with a like specimen for 25% of the original purchase price plus costs for delivery and installation if required. Replacement of grass trees is conditional on the purchaser having followed the replants grass tree installation instructions and aftercare guidelines for the duration of the warranty period.



  • Grass trees are installed following transplanting method.
  • Watering guidelines set out by replants are adhered to.
  • Water is delivered to the grass tree by way of drippers, bubblers, flooders etc. which allow even water distribution around the base of the grass tree.
  • Do not water the foliage or allow sprinklers to regularly wet the foliage.
  • The moat around the base of the grass tree is maintained.
  • transplant formula is re-applied 6months after initial planting.
  • Flower spikes are removed for the first flowering.

      In the event your grass tree appears unhealthy

      please contact replants.

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