How to get a grass tree

Visit one of our salvage sites or come to our Garden Nursery located at 96 Wray Ave in Fremantle. 

Grass trees from our salvage sites and are planted using the replants direct transplantation method. This method produces very high survival rates (80%) and has been used over the past 6 yrs to transplant thousands of grass trees into residential gardens and commercial landscape projects.

replants grass trees are available in a variety of sizes from small (no trunk) specimens to large 4m multi trunk specimens. When selecting a grass tree please bear in mind they are very slow growing (12mm trunk growth per yr), so select a tree which is appropriate for the space now.

If you are unsure about selecting the appropriate size or shape grass tree for your garden, we suggest you bring a photo or plan of the space when visiting a replants salvage site to enable our staff to provide assistance.

Below are four different ways to getting a grass tree. Select an option which best suits your requirements and follow the prompts.



Visit a replants salvage site or  our 96 Wray Nursery to select your grass tree(s).

All grass trees and zamia palms are prepared for direct transplantation with foliage pruned and roots trimmed. They are excavated from the ground and loaded onto your trailer.

As a guide single head grass trees up to 1m in trunk height are suitable for OPTION 1 DIY installation if you are fit and able. Larger trees requiring lifting equipment are best delivered by replants unless you have a tractor or similar machinery.

Small grass trees can also be loaded into the back of 4wd vehicles. Please bring a container to take home 15L of soil.

Please allow between 15min and 45min for your trees to be selected and loaded (depending on how busy we are on the day).

You then take your tree(s) home and install them following the replants transplanting instructions.


Visit a replants salvage site to select your grass tree(s) or place an online order.

replants will deliver your order and place them into the 1m x .5m deep holes you have pre-dug.
You then complete the installation following the replants transplanting instructions.

Delivery cost
The delivery cost is $100.00 for 1 tree (metro area).
For two or more trees the delivery cost is or $75.00 per tree (metro area).
Cost of delivery is access dependant and our standard delivery rate applies to locations within reach of our vehicle mounted cranes. Non standard deliveries will be charged at an additional hourly rate of $100.00 per hour.



Visit a replants salvage site to select your grass tree(s) or place an online order.

replants will then deliver and install your order.

Installation cost
For trees up to 1.2m trunk height.
Installation is $100 per tree (we dig)
Or $75 per tree (you dig)
Installation for larger feature grass trees is POA.

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