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 0.8kg tub $15 (sml grass trees and native plants)

 1.7kg tub $25.00 (med to large grass trees)

  15kg bucket $225.00 (commercial quantity) GRASS TREE TRANSPLANT FORMULA provides essential trace elements and beneficial microbes to enhance transplant success. The formula will stimulate active root growth, improve moisture retention and provide natural disease suppression of soil and water borne pathogens.

Available from salvage sites at times indicated and from office at 96 Wray Ave Fremantle. Please phone 9335 9888 before visiting.


replants Grass Tree Pruning Service

replants can professionally prune your grass trees to minimise foliage, shape foliage or to expose the trunk section of the tree. We can also burn your tree following pruning to blacken the trunk (conditional upon shire restrictions).

Rate $ 75 first tree $25 subsequent trees ( does not include removal of cut foliage ).

Pruning rate is for up to 1.8m single head grass trees. Larger and multi head grass trees are additional and can be priced prior to commencement. 

pruned grass tree                                            


replants Grass Tree Maintenance

replants offers a Grass Tree Maintenance service which is available as a once off visit or as a program of visits.  It is especially helpfull to customers that have installed grass trees themselves and need reassurance/feedback if the tree begins to look sick and for those wishing to keep their investment in good health. 

The service is designed to be pro active in identifying potential problems and making the nesessary changes or treatments before the tree's health is compromised. 

The service costs are

$  75  per visit for 1 to 4 trees.

$100  per visit for 5 to 10 trees.

For any additional treatments that we may need to apply to any tree, there is an additional cost of up to $25 per treatment per tree.




replants has undertaken the salvage of standing and fallen trees from development sites. Our aim is to mill the timber for application in furniture making, craft and flooring. Species we are currently salvaging include Jarrah, Marri, Tuart, Banksia and Sheoak. Timber will be available in both air and kiln dry rough sawn boards in various sizes. If you are interested in using any of these native timbers in future projects let us know and we will keep you informed of our progress.




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