Small Lot Clearing


Are you clearing a building envelope for a new home or an area for a workshed and you wish to preserve the grass trees?  replants can organise the salvage of grass trees and understorey plants and save them from being destroyed by the bulldozer. We salvage grass trees from small lots in the hills area around Perth and in the South West of the state.

Call Bruce 040 888 5435 or email to discuss how replants can remove your grass trees in a way which is sensitive to the environment and will also minimize your clearing and mulching bill.


The pictures below were taken at Darren and Keren's block in Mahogany Creek where replants salvaged 75 grass trees and many other native plants from within the building envelope. replants promoted the salvage in the local paper, roadside banners and via our website inviting the public to purchase grass trees from the site. We had a fantastic turnout with nearly all the trees moved to new homes. The grass trees seen with red tape are the last ones to be dug out and delivered by replants.

Mahogany Creek salvage 

Digging at Mahogany Creek

Plant salvage

Plant salvage 2





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